Kaun Banega Crorepati Head Office Number / Real KBC Head Office Contact Number

September 05, 2021

 Kaun Banega Crorepati Head Office Number / Real KBC Head Office Number Kaun Banega Crorepati is “KBC” is a TV show which organizes quiz game shows and provides an opportunity for the audience to win attractive rewards. This quiz TV game show is directed by Rahul Verma and Arun Sheshkumar. Kaun Banega Crorepati was firstly presented by Bollywood mega star sir Amitabh Bachan. This game show was first brought on air for the audience on 3 July, 2000 and it provides a huge chance to test your knowledge and your luck to win rewards even a grand jackpot too. 

KBC Head Office has provided their KBC Head Office contact numbers or KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number to facilitate their audience regarding their needs to contact KBC Head Office. Here You can find the real KBC Head Office Contact number. KBC Game show organizers have developed a whole network having their head offices in different locations in the country to facilitate and communicate more frequently with their audience, and to reduce communication issues. 


As it’s a huge worldwide quiz TV show which provides you with a chance to test your general knowledge as well as winning grand prizes. There are a lot more people around the world who not only watch KBC Quiz game show but also want to join the quiz and win prizes. And off course it is not easy for all to come to the KBC game show organizer’s place and get themselves register for the game show. That’s why KBC quiz team have set up KBC Head Offices in different location to as well as well set up a whole network of KBC Head Office contact numbers. The main head offices are as follows,

KBC Head Office Delhi Number / KBC Head Office Delhi WhatsApp Number

For Indian citizens who are from Delhi and also located in neighboring areas of Delhi district. KBC networks have set up a branch of KBC Head Office in Delhi “KBC Head Office Delhi” Here you can get KBC Head Office Delhi Contact number as well as you can directly visit KBC Head Office at the location given below,

KBC Head Office Delhi address: N1/4, North Sujan Sing Park, Sujan Singh Park, New Delhi, Delhi 110003, India

KBC Head Office Delhi contact number or KBC Head Office Delhi WhatsApp number is also provided for those who can not visit KBC Head Office.
KBC Head Office Dehli WhatsApp Number 0019195855882

Who can not visit or want to communicate just on call from around Delhi, they can just call on KBC Head Office Number Delhi, and get information about everything they need to know about KBC quiz game shows. Even if they had participated in KBC quiz game show they can also get information about their winning prize or KBC lottery and claim that prize.

One thing you should always remember is that, as KBC is a huge organization and there is all time a lot of public and crowdy situations so due to COVID situations face mask and sanitizers are compulsory if you ever visit KBC Head Office Delhi. Without health precautions and a face mask, you will not be allowed to enter the KBC Head Office.

KBC Head Office Kolkata contact Number / KBC Head Office Kolkata WhatsApp Number 

If you are from Kolkata or from neighboring areas of Kolkata, KBC organizers have also set up their Head office in Kolkata to facilitate their passionate from Kolkata and locations around the Kolkata district. KBC Head Office Kolkata is present at the address below
KBC Head Office Kolkata address: Pratapaditya Nagar, 11,11, Nagendra Nath Road, Nagerbazar, Kamardanga, West Bengal 700028, Kolkata, India

At the above address, you can visit your nearest KBC Head Office from around the Kolkata district and participate in quiz game show or also can get information about prize if you ever have won. KBC Head Office Kolkata number/ KBC Head Office Kolkata WhatsApp number is also provided specifically for citizens from Kolkata and neighboring areas.

KBC Head Office Kolkata WhatsApp Number 0019195855882

You can also register complains in KBC Head Office Kolkata by physically visiting the office or you can just call on KBC head Office Kolkata number, If you ever have been misbehaved by any of KBC staff, or any respondent to your call on calling KBC Head Office Kolkata contact number / KBC Head Office Kolkata WhatsApp number.  You can also report fake callers who pretend to be from KBC Head Office Kolkata number and try to scam.

Keep in mind, due to present worst situation of COVID in India, face mask and all SOPs issued by Indian government are compulsory. You will never be allowed to enter KBC Head Office Kolkata without wearing a face mask.

KBC Head Office Complaint Number/ All India KBC Head Office Helpline

Along with all other regional offices KBC has also provided their main KBC Head Office complaint number or KBC Head Office Helpline number. The purpose of this number is to give you an environment of freedom and confidence that no one can harm in using KBC platform no matter, either he is from any of regional KBC Head Offices or any third party who try to scam and get your money away. You can simply call on main KBC Head Office complaint number and register your complaints. The main KBC Head Office manages their all-regional head offices as well as legally punishes all other scammers who are not from KBC Organization but loot innocent people by their tricky calls and fake introduction.  

Whenever you get any call from an unknown number who claims to be from KBC head office and give you any lottery number or coupon number and ask about your sensitive information or try to convince you for paying an amount of money, you can verify that number by calling actual KBC Head Office Helpline Number. Main KBC Head Office has record about each and every services number of their all-regional offices. They can verify that unknown number easily. And if that number could not be verified, He is a scammer and you can report that number by calling KBC Head Office Complaint Number. They will immediately take legal action against that scammer.

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