Real Kaun Banega Crorepati Head Office number/ KBC Head Office number

June 22, 2021

 Kaun Banega Crorepati Head office number, now you can feel free to call KBC head office number. If you want to discuss regarding game show or you want to get information about Jio lottery winner, and you are afraid of being scammed and do not want to be in trouble. You are at right place. The real KBC Head Office number is provided here to facilitate all KBC Head Office callers and to make sure no one is being scammed on the name of KBC Head office number

Our Head Office has created many branches of our customer care department in many other cities to facilitate customers, if they call on KBC head office number as well as if they want to visit KBC head office. KBC head office facilitate their valuable customers and guide them about, how to link to Kaun Banega crorepati game show. In addition, you will also be guided about, how to get other related information. You may please reach up to any KBC Head office number provided by the real Kaun Banega Crorepati network.

Quarries about KBC Lottery at KBC Head Office Number

We keep data updated regarding KBC winner lists on time where you can check about.
If you are having difficulties in getting proper information you may call KBC head office
We have very professional staff who is well trained to respond callers. Our staff just come to the     point instead of messing around or asking unnecessary information.

We never ask about your very personal information

  • If you call on a number and they ask for your very personal information which is not usually asked about, that KBC Head office number is fake which is pretending to be KBC Head Office number. These numbers have nothing to do with us.
  • You should make sure before calling KBC Head office number that the number you are calling is the real KBC Head Office Number.
  • KBC will not be responsible for, if you give undue money to any fake account or group who is pretending to be KBC Head Office number
  • If you get a fraud call who is demanding money or misleading you, you should immediately report that number at KBC Head Office

Because KBC is a well-known TV game show which organize quiz competition. In KBC game show you can join that quiz competition and win great grand prizes. You can have a jackpot Jio lottery. You join KBC game show and may be fortunate enough to win prizes. This game show judges your general knowledge and quiz are based on common general knowledge to rare information which tests your knowledge skills and gives you prizes according to your performance. The more tough questions you answer, the premium prize you will win. Here come scammers to get the benefits of the fame of the Kaun Banega crorepati game show.

How scammers regarding Jio KBC approach you

We all are well aware of fake and fraud groups. They just pretend to be a well-known organization and will start from giving you some attractive offers.  They will call you and will introduce themselves as a staff member from KBC Head office. They will tell you that they are calling from KBC Head office number. After that they will immediately give you a thrill to get your more attention like, “congratulations sir you have won an amount of (some attractive amount). You will be asked then to follow some procedure to claim your prize. 

Once you are trapped in their wet talks, they will get your sensitive information and can harm you in any way they want. They can make you deposit your money to their bank account which will apparently be shown as KBC Head Office bank account number.

You can also be scammed by text message from fake KBC Head office number offering same attractive figures and once you are in, you will surely be get looted by those scammers in the same way.

Advantage & Instructions of contacting KBC Head Office Number

  • All numbers that contact is not KBC head office number or KBC helpline, and send you a text message as KBC Head office number, are fake. if you have the real JBC head office number and are well aware of the way of entertaining of real KBC head office, to their callers. You can easily know that fake number.
  • Any number which asks you to pay some amount as procedure fee to claim your prize or registration fee to get register in Jio Lottery is fake you can only judge this if you have already experience of call at real KBC head office number
  • If not proven to be in contact with KBC Head Office, Any Pakistani number (which is with number code +92xxxxxxxx) is fake
  • Never go on-site or open website link, if any anonymous number gives you on mobile, saying that this link will direct you to KBC Head office number contact page
  • Never reveal regarding your win. Don’t tell anyone if you ever win a lottery just because of security reason

Our contact number

Here is our KBC Head office number which is provided to facilitate you from anywhere you are.
KBC Head office Number: +971503620132

How to contact KBC Head Office/KBC Team

  • Here are some simple things to do if you want to contact the KBC Head office team. Just follow some simple dialing directions step by step to contact KBC Head Office Team.
  • Initially dial 001 or +1, its an exit key code
  • Next you will need a country code, If you are trying to contact Indian local KBC head office then your country code will be +91. Otherwise the country code will be according to that country where you want to contact
  • After that you will have to dial the area code. Area code is usually 3-4 digits (sample calling number is shown below for your guidance)
  • After the area code there will be an actual KBC Head office number, on which you are going to call.
  • If you want to contact via WhatsApp, you will have to save KBC Head Office Number in your contacts list, then you will be able to start a conversation with the KBC Head office number from your WhatsApp application

An example of a number is 001-91-918-844477 or +1-918-844477 provided number are just sample to teach you through proper number pattern

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