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February 22, 2021

 Kaun Banega Crorepati Helpline \ KBC Helpline

kbc head office Number Every company, firm, Organization, or famous TV-Show Organizers provide their 

helplines to facilitate their customers or contestants. Before going to Kaun 

Banega Crore Helpline, here is an overview of this game show. What it is? and 

how it works? how you can join this game show and win prizes. This game show 

allows you to win amazing prizes as well as strengthen your general knowledge.

“KBC” is a quiz TV show currently directed by Rahul Verma & Arun 

Sheshkumar. It was first presented by Amitabh Bachan. “Kaun Banega Crorepati”, 

which first went on air on July 3, 2000, is inspired by a game show “Who wants to 

be a millionaire” which was presented by a British production company. “KBC” is 

an Indian version of that game show in which a contestant is supposed to answer 

some questions based upon general knowledge and every next question is always 

difficult from the previous one, making that game more challenging and 

interesting. Kbc head office number Who gives all true answers, he will become a winner and will get the 


How KBC works

KBC works just like the original series in United Kingdom members from the public 

are qualified by a qualification quiz which opens at the start of each series at 

various times this time is also called “registration period”. Applicants send a 

premium rate SMS to the Kbc head office number designated number and answer the question of the 

respondent Kbc helpline number. The contestant is then subject to go through a series of interviews 

before getting randomly selected from the pool of other candidates and 

appearing in the set of Fastest Finger First. 

Fastest Finger First 

The selected contestants are then taken to the studio to play another 

qualification game named Fastest Finger First in this short game the contestants 

are subject to arrange the correct answer of given four or three questions in the 

shortest interval of time. The contestant, who becomes able to answer all given 

questions Kbc head office number in the shortest time, is selected and is allowed to sit on Hot seat in the show

Main Gameplay 

After the conclusion of Fastest Finger First, the contestant is allowed to join 

the host in the “Hot Seat” session for the game quiz. In that quiz, the KBC 

contestant gives answers to the questions which are asked by the host. The 

questions asked in Kaun Banega crorepati are always MCQ type. As you give true 

answers you won the rewards. Moving toward the grand prize you will be asked 

more challenging questions which makes the game show more interesting. Each 

time you won by giving the right answer you will get a reward and the next 

question will be more difficult. After each question, you are free to walk away 

with the rewards you won, or you can continue toward the grand prize with the Kbc head office number risk of losing too.

How you can join the KBC game show. 

if you want to join the KBC game show you must keep following things in mind.

  • You should be 18 years old or above 18 years of age
  • You should not have any criminal record 
  • You should not have any allegations of being unlawful against you
  • You should not have any medical conditions, Physical or mental on the date of registration

Once you fulfill the above conditions, you can consider contacting the show 

organizers for this either you can go to their head office and apply for the audition 

or if you are from far place and its is not easy for you visit Kbc helpline number the head office you can 

still get register by using a helpline provided by show organizers. You just need to 

contact the KBC helpline Number provided by Kaun Banega Crorepati game show 

organizers. And they will guide you through all the procedures to register for the 


On calling the Kaun Banega Crorepati helpline Number you will be entertained by a 

professional respondent who is trained to serve helpline callers and guide them to 

register in the show. He will ask for certain details of you to see if you can qualify 

for the show or you are not eligible for that. After that, he will guide you about 

how your post-show audition will be, and what you need to do. Once you get Kbc helpline number

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